Although it is now superceded by contemporary ignition, you may still find lots of vehicles these days that use the distributor which fires your cylinders through on time transmission of sparks. The Suzuki Esteem distributor is ready to do that, many thanks to its key parts - the rotor and the cap - which assist each other to supply the voltage necessary to activate the engine.

A bad distributor could be acted upon right away because not like some other components, it always shows symptoms that are distributor or ignition related making them easily discernable. If you start noticing squealing sound during startups or you experience uncommon shaking during idle as well as problem in starting on cold mornings, then those are signs that the distributor on your Suzuki Esteem gets irregular. You can try to clean up your distributor cap first and notice if such signs disappear after cleaning; if they still appear, replacement is the most effective answer.

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