Though it currently is substituted by modern ignition, there are still a lot of vehicles today that employ the distributor that fires cylinders through scheduled delivery of sparks. The Saab 9000 distributor will not be competent at achieving that if its components like the distributor cap and the rotor aren't in perfect form since they're actually the units which work well to transport current from the coil towards the right cylinder.

One of the benefits of this type of ignition is, you can easily see whether your distributor is starting to fail because the signs it gives you are related to the ignition. Once you start hearing high-pitched squealing noise on startups or you encounter unusual shaking when in idle and problem in starting on cold climate, these are clues that the distributor on your Saab 9000 has become erratic. You can attempt to clean your distributor cap initially and observe if these signals vanish right after; if they still surface, then replacement would be the very best remedy.

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