Most vehicles on the road these days still use a distributor which performs via timed and sequenced delivery of sparks to fire the engine cylinders. Your Pontiac Gto distributor won't be efficient at realizing that if its parts like the cap and rotor aren't in perfect form because they are actually the units that work well to transport electricity from your coil to the appropriate cylinder.

One of the benefits of this type of ignition is, you can easily see whether your distributor starts to malfunction since the signals it gives out are linked to your ride's ignition. One of the indicators that the specific distributor in your Pontiac Gto is already damaged are problems in starting the vehicle specifically on winter, unexplained wiggling which could vary from slight rumbling to apparent banging, as well as squealing sound which is typically high-pitched. Before ordering a replacement, it's good to try to bring back the distributor's functionality by carefully cleaning it; nevertheless, whether or not this doesn't work, you have no option but to purchase a new one.

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