A lot of automobiles on the highway these days still utilize distributor ignition which operates by means of timed and sequenced supply of sparks to fire the cylinders. Your Plymouth Reliant distributor is able to do that, thanks to the two main components - the cap and the rotor - which count on each other to provide the electricity required to activate the engine.

A malfunctioning distributor could be acted upon at once since compared to other parts, it usually demonstrates warning signs that are distributor or ignition related making them easily identifiable. Among the signs that the specific distributor of your Plymouth Reliant is defective are difficulties in starting your vehicle especially on colder days, inexplicable banging which could vary from mild vibrations to evident trembling, and also squealing noise which is normally high-pitched. You can attempt to clean up your distributor cap initially and see if these symptoms disappear right after; when they still show up, then replacement is the best solution.

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