Most vehicles on the streets nowadays still use distributor ignition which works by means of timed and sequenced distribution of sparks to fire the cylinders. The Plymouth Expo distributor will not be efficient at achieving that if its components such as the rotor and the cap are not in great shape because they are the units that work so hard to bring high voltage from the coil to the appropriate cylinder.

Among the benefits of this kind of ignition is, it's easy to see whether the distributor begins to fail as the signals it gives out are linked to the ignition. One of the signs that the specific distributor of your Plymouth Expo has already gone bad are problems in starting the automobile especially in colder days, unusual wiggling which can vary from slight vibrations to noticeable banging, and also squealing noise which is normally high-pitched. You can try to clean your distributor cap first and notice if such signs vanish after cleaning; if they continue to surface, then replacement is the most effective solution.

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