Although it is actually substituted by new ignition, you can still find a lot of vehicles today that make use of the distributor which fires your cylinders through timed transmission of sparks. Your Nissan Stanza distributor will not be competent at achieving that if its components like the rotor and the cap are not in tiptop shape since they are actually the units that perform very hard to transport electricity from the coil to the appropriate cylinder.

A bad distributor could be acted upon immediately since not like other components, it usually demonstrates symptoms that pinpoint your distributor or ignition making them easily recognizable. One of the signs that the specific distributor in your Nissan Stanza has now gone bad are difficulty in starting the automobile specifically during colder days, unusual shaking which could range from mild vibrations to apparent banging, as well as squealing noise that's normally high-pitched. You can try to scrub the distributor cap initially and see if these symptoms disappear right after; if they continue to surface, then replacement is the very best solution.

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