Although it currently is superceded by modern ignition system, there are still many automobiles nowadays that use a distributor which fires the cylinders via on time distribution of sparks. Your Nissan 240sx distributor will not be capable of doing that if its parts such as the distributor cap and the rotor aren't in tiptop shape since they are actually the units that work so hard to transport high voltage from the coil into the appropriate cylinder.

One of the strengths of this sort of ignition is, you could easily determine if your distributor is starting to fail as the signs it gives out are related to the ignition. One of the symptoms that the specific distributor in your Nissan 240sx is defective are difficulty in activating the automobile specifically on cold weather, unexplained banging which can range from mild vibrations to apparent trembling, and also squealing noise which is normally high-pitched. Before purchasing a replacement, it pays to try to recover the distributor's performance by cleaning it up thoroughly; nevertheless, if it does not work, you have no choice but to order another one.

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