The internal combustion engine is one of the systems that share many of the complexities of the components of the vehicle but surprisingly, the machine is a small and reliable contraption and is responsible to the mechanisms of other automotive systems. With the engine system properly functioning, the automobile operates and manages to extract powerful performance and emission of harmful gases is regulated according to the specification of the automotive laws and even at a reduced amount. All the subsystems of the internal combustion engine of your Nissan automobile play a significant role in the smooth operation of the engine. Of course, it is the ignition system wherein it all comes together, with the perfect timed movement of the engine's pistons being accountable for the efficiency of performance of the engine. This system is considered most crucial for the engine to perform its function accordingly.

The ignition system is a crucial function that many should understand what this system is all about. The system should work in synch with the rest of the engine and function to ignite the fuel exactly at the right time so that the expanding gases can do the maximum amount of work. Failure to do so will result to inefficient performance of the engine system. Basically, its goals are categorized into two: 1) to maximize the pressure in the cylinder during the power stroke to get the most torque and power from the engine; and, 2) the perfect timing of the spark. These goals are executed through the involvement of the functions of several components in the system which are: spark plugs, coil, and the distributor.

The spark plug should be designed with an insulated passageway and will able to withstand the extreme heat and pressure inside the cylinder because this is where high voltage travels down to the electrode. The coil is a high-voltage transformer meant to generate high voltages to create the spark. The distributor's main function is to distribute the high voltage from the coil to the correct cylinder and is done by the cap and rotor. Usually, these components get faulty because of the tune-ups that your Nissan vehicle goes through. And because the ignition system is critical to the performance of the engine, faulty devices, specifically your Nissan distributor should be replaced at once to avoid interruptions for your Nissan's performance. You can only get a quality Nissan distributor through Parts Train, an online automotive dealer that caters to the replacement auto parts' needs of the drivers.