Most vehicles on the streets these days still employ a distributor which operates through timed and sequenced supply of sparks to fire the cylinders. The Mitsubishi Expo distributor is ready to do that, many thanks to its two primary parts - the cap and the rotor - which works hand in hand to deliver the voltage required to activate the engine.

One of the benefits of such type of ignition is, it's easy to evaluate if the distributor is starting to fail because the indicators it gives you are related to the vehicle's ignition. Among the symptoms that the distributor in your Mitsubishi Expo is defective are difficulty in starting the vehicle especially on colder days, inexplicable shaking which could vary from slight vibration to apparent shaking, and squealing sound that is typically high-pitched. Before purchasing a brand new unit, its smart to attempt to restore the distributor's performance by carefully cleaning it; nevertheless, when it does not work, you have no option but to order a new one.

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