Though it currently is superceded by new ignition mechanism, there are still lots of vehicles these days that employ a distributor which fires the cylinders through on time distribution of sparks. The Mitsubishi Eclipse distributor will not be efficient at doing that if its components like the rotor and the cap are not in perfect form since they're the units which work very hard to transport high voltage from the coil into the right cylinder.

A bad distributor can be remedied at once because not like some other components, it usually displays warning signs that are distributor or ignition related making them easily recognizable. Once you start hearing high-pitched squealing noise during engine startup or you encounter strange trembling if in idle and also problem in starting up on cold climate, these are signs that the distributor of your Mitsubishi Eclipse is now inconsistent. You can seek to clean up your distributor cap initially and observe if these symptoms disappear right after; when they continue to show up, then replacement would be the very best remedy.

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