Observing the different things around you, you will notice that everything is, in one way or another, undergoing some changes. Such changes or evolution is certainly applicable also in the automotive industry. From designs and styles to performance and safety aspects, or from comfort and convenience to the various standard components of an automobile, you will notice that these things are continuously changing or evolving as years pass by. One concrete example of an automotive change is the use of a distributorless ignition system from an ignition system that that initially uses a distributor.

Distributors like the Mitsubishi distributor are commonly found in older vehicles and in some late-model vehicles. It is the "central" component of an ignition system which is a point-type. The distributor has the main function of dispensing or the from the name itself, "distributing" the high voltage pulses to the engine's spark plugs using the proper firing order, and prompting the high voltage pulses coming from the ignition coil. Usually, distributors are activated by an engine camshaft-driven rotating arm called rotor, and by the cap that holds the spark plug contacts. As the rotors spins beneath the cap, the distributor begins to work by distributing the high voltage pulses from the ignition coil going to the spark plug following the correct firing order.

Moreover, distributors are comprised of various components that is essential for its efficient and reliable operation. These are the breaker points, cam follower, distributor cam and condenser which are used in breaking the current coil and consequently causing the coil to create high voltage pulses. As such, a worn-out and defective distributor can result to the failure of the ignition system to function properly and for other systems to function also. This is the reason why vehicles that are equipped with a distributor should be well-maintained. Constant checkup of the distributor's condition must be conducted to avert signs of deterioration as soon as possible.

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