Though it is now substituted by new ignition system, you can still find many automobiles today that use the distributor which fires the cylinders through timed transmission of sparks. Your Mercury Zephyr distributor is able to do just that, thanks to its two primary parts - the cap and the rotor - which depend on each other to supply the electricity needed to start the engine.

Among the benefits of this kind of ignition is, you could easily see whether the distributor starts to breakdown because the signs it sends you are linked to the vehicle's ignition. Once you start noticing squealing sound on engine startup or you encounter strange trembling if in idle and also problem in starting during winter, those are clues that the distributor in your Mercury Zephyr is now inconsistent. You can try to clean up the distributor cap first and see if these signals vanish after that; if they continue to surface, then replacement will be the very best solution.

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