One would require plenty of electrical energy just to spark the fuel in your Mercury Topaz's auto engine. The car batteries can not provide all that power on it's own therefore it utilizes an ignition system in order to boost the required voltages to start your automobile. The Mercury Topaz's distributor rotor is responsible for diverting the battery's electric current to your internal engine at the right instances and locations.

It is important ones Mercury Topaz's distributor rotating arm will be functioning perfectly not just for your automobile to start, but to get greater engine functionality and also mileage. Regularly look at your distributor rotor for all symptoms of wear and tear since this item is exposed to extreme electrical energy which would ruin it at some point. Most folks might not have any sufficient knowledge in order to isolate problems with their Mercury Topaz's distributor rotating arm therefore it should be best to go with a reliable auto technician.

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