A number of automobiles on the streets these days still use a distributor which works by means of sequenced and scheduled delivery of sparks to fire the cylinders. The Mercury Cougar distributor will not be competent at achieving that if its parts including the cap and rotor aren't in perfect form because they are the ones that perform very hard to transport current from the coil towards the appropriate cylinder.

Among the advantages of this kind of ignition is, you could easily see whether your distributor is starting to malfunction because the indicators it gives you are linked to the vehicle's ignition. Among the indicators that the distributor of your Mercury Cougar is already damaged are difficulty in starting the automobile especially on winter, unexplained banging which could vary from moderate rumbling to evident banging, and squealing noise that's typically high-pitched. You can seek to clean up the distributor cap first and see if such signs vanish after that; if they still surface, replacement would be the best remedy.

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