Even though it is now substituted by modern ignition mechanism, there are still many automobiles nowadays that use a distributor that fires cylinders by means of timed transmission of sparks. The Mazda Mx-6 distributor won't be efficient at doing that if its parts including the rotor and the cap aren't in great shape since they are the ones that work well to bring high voltage from the coil to the right cylinder.

Among the advantages of this sort of ignition is, it's easy to see whether your distributor is starting to breakdown since the indicators it sends you are related to your ride's ignition. One of the symptoms that the distributor in your Mazda Mx-6 is already damaged are problems in activating your vehicle especially during winter, unusual banging which can range from slight vibration to apparent trembling, as well as squealing sound that's typically high-pitched. You can try to clean your distributor cap first and notice if these symptoms vanish right after; once they continue to appear, then replacement would be the most effective solution.

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