Even though it is actually replaced by contemporary ignition system, you can still find many automobiles nowadays that employ the distributor which fires the cylinders through scheduled distribution of sparks. Your Mazda Mx-3 distributor will not be capable of achieving that if its parts including the distributor cap and the rotor aren't in perfect form since they're the ones that perform well to bring current from the coil to the appropriate cylinder.

Among the benefits of such sort of ignition is, you can easily evaluate if your distributor is starting to malfunction because the signals it gives out are related to the ignition. If you begin hearing squealing sound throughout engine startup or you encounter strange banging during idle and problem in running on cold mornings, then those are signs that the distributor on your Mazda Mx-3 is now inconsistent. You can try to clean your distributor cap initially and see if these signals disappear after cleaning; if they still show up, then replacement will be the most effective solution.

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