A number of automobiles on the road these days still utilize distributor ignition which operates via chained and timed delivery of sparks in order to fire the cylinders. Your Mazda Cx-7 distributor is able to carry that out, thanks to its key components - the cap and the rotor - which functions hand in hand to supply the electricity needed to activate the engine.

A defective distributor can be remedied immediately since unlike other components, it usually shows symptoms that are distributor or ignition related making them easily identifiable. One of the signs that the specific distributor of your Mazda Cx-7 is already damaged are difficulty in activating the automobile particularly during colder days, unexplained wiggling which can range from slight vibration to evident banging, and also squealing sound that's usually high-pitched. You can seek to clean up your distributor cap initially and observe if these signals vanish after cleaning; when they continue to surface, replacement is the most effective solution.

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