Most vehicles on the highway nowadays still employ distributor ignition which works through chained and timed delivery of sparks in order to fire the engine cylinders. Your Mazda 929 distributor won't be efficient at doing that if its components such as the cap and rotor aren't in great shape since they're the ones which work very hard to carry electricity from the coil to the appropriate cylinder.

One of the advantages of such type of ignition is, you could easily evaluate if the distributor is starting to malfunction as the signals it gives you are related to the ignition. If you begin noticing squealing sound during startups or you feel uncommon shaking when in idle and problem in running on cold climate, these are hints that the distributor on your Mazda 929 has become erratic. You can attempt to scrub your distributor cap initially and see if such signs vanish right after; once they still show up, replacement will be the best answer.

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