Even though it is actually superceded by modern ignition mechanism, you may still find many automobiles today that make use of the distributor which fires your cylinders by means of on time transmission of sparks. The Mazda 626 distributor can do that, thanks to its two primary elements - the cap and the rotor - which help each other to provide the current required to start the engine.

One of the advantages of such kind of ignition is, you could easily determine if your distributor is starting to breakdown because the signs it gives you are linked to your ride's ignition. Among the signs that the specific distributor in your Mazda 626 has already gone bad are difficulty in activating the vehicle especially on colder days, unusual wiggling which could vary from slight vibration to evident shaking, and also squealing noise which is usually high-pitched. Before purchasing a replacement, its smart to try to bring back your distributor's function by cleaning it thoroughly; nonetheless, if it doesn't work, you have no choice but to order a fresh one.

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