All of us are aware that the car is composed of various parts and systems that help in making the car perform efficiently. If there is even one part that's missing, for sure your vehicle will inevitably end up on the shoulder of the road, asking for repair. One of the most important and we can say, basic operations that a car must do is to start. We all know that a car will not function at all if you don't turn the ignition on. This initiates the burning up of fuel or the combustion process within the engine. Once combustion starts, power is distributed to the various parts of the vehicle and by then you can steer it to the direction you intend to take.

The ignition systems used in the vehicles these days are of two kinds — the electronic ignition and the distributorless ignition. These two types operates with the same goal, however they differ in the way go about that task, hence they also have different components. The most basic way of activating this ignition system either in turning it on or off, is through the lock switch that can be accessed by a key or code patch.

As can be gleaned from the names the distributorless ignition does not contain a distributor, neither does it have rotor and cap. These components are very important in the electronic ignition, especially the distributor. The distributor is the part that is accountable for activating the ignition coil and induces it to deliver the high voltage spark in the right sequence to the spark plug. The distributor has to be really efficient in delivering that spark because the good timing is essential in successfully getting the car to start. Aside from the distributor, the other components must be in n good condition, so that engine misfiring can be avoided.

If you want your car to be really efficient in getting started, then you should always make sure that the distributor is in excellent shape. Regular inspection of this component as well as the other ignition parts should be done. If it's been found out that the distributor already bears some defect, don't hesitate to replace it because it's always better to give a solution at the soonest possible time than to have more deficient parts.

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