Most vehicles on the road these days still utilize distributor ignition which works through timed and sequenced supply of sparks in order to fire the cylinders. Your Isuzu Rodeo distributor won't be capable of doing that if its components like the rotor and the cap are not in great shape since they're the units that work so hard to carry high voltage from your coil to the right cylinder.

One of the advantages of such type of ignition is, you can easily determine if your distributor is starting to breakdown since the signs it sends you are related to your ride's ignition. Among the signs that the specific distributor of your Isuzu Rodeo is defective are difficulty in activating the vehicle specifically on winter, unexplained banging that may vary from moderate vibrations to evident shaking, as well as squealing noise that's normally high-pitched. Before purchasing a replacement, it's good to try to recover the distributor's performance by thoroughly cleaning it; nevertheless, if it does not work, you have no choice but to order a fresh one.

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