Although it currently is replaced by new ignition system, you will find a lot of vehicles these days that make use of a distributor which fires your cylinders by means of on time distribution of sparks. The Isuzu Pickup distributor can do just that, thanks to the two main components - the rotor and the cap - which operates hand in hand to provide the current required to start the engine.

One of the benefits of this sort of ignition is, it's easy to see whether the distributor begins to breakdown because the indicators it gives you are linked to the ignition. One of the indicators that the specific distributor of your Isuzu Pickup has now gone bad are difficulty in activating the vehicle specifically in cold weather, unexplained wiggling which can vary from mild vibration to noticeable trembling, and squealing sound which is normally high-pitched. You can attempt to scrub the distributor cap initially and see if these symptoms go away after cleaning; once they still appear, replacement is the very best answer.

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