Though it is actually substituted by new ignition system, you will find lots of vehicles nowadays that make use of the distributor which fires the cylinders through scheduled delivery of sparks. Your Hyundai Sonata distributor won't be efficient at realizing that if its components such as the rotor and the cap are not in tiptop shape since they are the ones which work so hard to bring electricity from the coil into the appropriate cylinder.

One of the advantages of this sort of ignition is, it's easy to see whether your distributor is starting to fail as the indicators it gives you are related to the vehicle's ignition. If you start hearing high-pitched squealing noise on engine startup or you feel strange trembling if in idle as well as issue in starting up on cold mornings, those are signs that the distributor of your Hyundai Sonata has become irregular. You can attempt to clean up the distributor cap initially and observe if these symptoms disappear right after; when they still appear, then replacement would be the very best remedy.

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