Many vehicles on the highway nowadays still employ distributor ignition which operates by means of chained and timed distribution of sparks in order to fire the engine cylinders. The Honda Prelude distributor won't be capable of realizing that if its parts like the distributor cap and the rotor are not in great shape since they are actually the ones that perform very hard to transport high voltage from your coil into the appropriate cylinder.

Among the benefits of this kind of ignition is, you can easily evaluate if your distributor begins to malfunction because the signals it gives out are related to the vehicle's ignition. Once you start hearing high-pitched squealing noise throughout vehicle startup or you experience unusual banging during idle and issue in starting on cold climate, these are clues that the distributor on your Honda Prelude is now inconsistent. You can try to clean up the distributor cap first and observe if these symptoms vanish after cleaning; once they still surface, then replacement will be the very best solution.

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