Although it currently is superseded by modern ignition mechanism, there are still lots of vehicles today that use the distributor that fires cylinders via scheduled transmission of sparks. Your Honda Cr-z distributor can do that, thanks to the two main components - the rotor and the cap - which rely on each other to supply the current needed to activate the engine.

Among the benefits of such type of ignition is, it's easy to determine if your distributor starts to malfunction since the signs it gives you are linked to the ignition. One of the signs that the specific distributor of your Honda Cr-z is defective are problems in starting the automobile especially in cold weather, unexplained banging that may vary from moderate rumbling to evident banging, and also squealing noise which is typically high-pitched. You can attempt to scrub the distributor cap first and observe if these symptoms disappear right after; once they continue to show up, then replacement will be the very best remedy.

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