Honda Civic Del Sol Distributor

Even though it currently is superseded by contemporary ignition, there are still lots of vehicles nowadays that utilize the distributor that fires cylinders by means of on time distribution of sparks. Your Honda Civic Del Sol distributor will not be efficient at achieving that if its components such as the distributor cap and the rotor are not in tiptop shape since they're actually the units that perform very hard to bring current from your coil into the proper cylinder.

One of the strengths of this kind of ignition is, it's easy to see whether your distributor is starting to breakdown because the signals it gives out are linked to the ignition. One of the symptoms that the distributor in your Honda Civic Del Sol is defective are difficulty in activating the vehicle particularly in winter, unusual banging which can vary from slight vibrations to evident shaking, and squealing sound that's typically high-pitched. You can try to clean your distributor cap first and see if these symptoms vanish right after; once they still appear, replacement is the most effective answer.

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