GMC is a division of the General Motors which was formerly known as the GMC Truck. Since GM dropped the word 'truck' from the GMC Truck name in 1996, it has become the GMC name that most people know today. GMC has now launched various types of vehicles ranging from pickup, van, SUV, heavy-duty and medium-duty truck, and bus. It continuously innovates to add more models to its current line up which includes the GMC Sonoma and GMC Silverado for the pickup, GMC Safari and GMC Savana for the van, and GMC Envoy and GMC Suburban for the SUV. Over the years, GMC has become one of the most reliable car makes in the car industry, not only because of its features but also because of the quality GMC parts that it is made of.

One of the most important systems which are included in every GMC vehicle is the engine system. And a part of this engine system is the ignition system of the internal combustion engine of the GMC vehicle which is the one that provides for the timely burning of the fuel mixture within the engine. A GMC vehicle's ignitions system has several components and that includes the GMC distributor.

GMC distributor is a device which routes the high voltage in the correct firing order to the spark plugs. It consists of a rotating arm or rotor inside the distributor cap and houses a centrifugal advance unit. At the center of the distributing cap, there is a spring loaded carbon button that bears upon the rotor and basically the number of cylinders in the engine is the one that determines the number of distribution points. In addition to this, GMC distributor also has a vacuum advance unit and a capacitor attached to it. There is also a breaker arm with contact points at the left, a pivot which is on the right and a cam follower in the middle. All these components are important to the overall function of the GMC distributor.

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