When General Motors launched Geo vehicles, result turned positive. Geo carries the assembly of small cars and SUVs but is marketed by the General Motors along with other brands such as Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Pontiac, Saturn and several more. Geo vehicles are perhaps among the most distinctive fleet ever produced by General Motors because of its unconventional body style. Geo started its venture in the auto industry by year 1988 until such time when the positive result is slowly fading away causing the remaining models to merge with that of the Chevrolet lineup by the year 1998. Some famous and celebrated Geo models include the Metro, Prizm, Spectrum, Storm and the Tracker.

Whichever Geo model you own, like any car owner, we are sure that you are also considering ways on how to keep your beloved car going and remain in tiptop condition. Taking some time to check on the different components of your automobile's systems can help you have a grip on those parts which need to be replaced or repaired already. Your car's electrical system is perhaps the most important one in terms of sequential functions. You may have the best engine system but if you are not able to start it because of a defective ignition system then it is completely futile. An automobile's ignition system is composed of numerous components and one of which is the distributor.

Distributors like the Geo distributor is an ignition component that can be found on almost all olden vehicles and on some late-model ones. It functions by rotating on the camshaft through a gear thereby triggering the ignition. The coil subsequently fires and sends its power back to the distributor through the same coil wire. Its main function is to supply the spark from the coil to the appropriate spark plug wires according to the engine's firing order. A defective distributor could result to non-ignition of your car. Good if your car is a new one as most of these cars feature a distributorless ignition system. But should you need to get a new distributor for your Geo vehicle, Parts Train offers the best and widest array of supercharged distributors and all your automotive parts needs!