Most vehicles on the road these days still utilize a distributor which operates via timed and sequenced supply of sparks in order to fire the engine cylinders. The Ford Probe distributor can do that, thanks to the two main parts - the rotor and the cap - which works hand in hand to deliver the electricity required to activate the engine.

One of the advantages of this sort of ignition is, it's easy to determine if your distributor starts to malfunction as the signs it gives you are linked to your ride's ignition. One of the signs that the distributor of your Ford Probe is defective are problems in activating the vehicle specifically during cold weather, inexplicable shaking that may range from moderate vibrations to apparent banging, and also squealing sound that is normally high-pitched. You can seek to clean up your distributor cap initially and observe if such signs vanish after cleaning; when they still show up, replacement will be the most effective remedy.

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