Though it is actually superceded by modern ignition, you will find a lot of vehicles today that employ a distributor which fires your cylinders via timed delivery of sparks. The Ford Custom distributor is able to carry that out, thanks to its two primary elements - the cap and the rotor - which aid each other to provide the electricity necessary to start your engine.

A bad distributor could be acted upon at once since unlike other components, it always displays signs and symptoms that are ignition and distributor related so they are easily discernable. Among the signs that the distributor in your Ford Custom is already damaged are difficulty in starting the vehicle especially during winter, inexplicable wiggling which can vary from slight vibration to evident banging, and also squealing noise that is typically high-pitched. Before getting a new one, it's good to try to bring back the distributor's function by thoroughly cleaning it; nevertheless, when it does not work, you have no choice but to purchase a new one.

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