Though it is now replaced by contemporary ignition, you may still find a lot of vehicles nowadays that Ford Country use of a distributor which fires your cylinders through timed delivery of sparks. The Ford Country distributor is ready to do just that, thanks to its two primary parts - the rotor and the cap - which aid each other to supply the current needed to start the engine.

A malfunctioning distributor can be acted upon at once because compared to other parts, it always demonstrates symptoms that pinpoint the ignition and the distributor so they are easily discernible. If you start noticing squealing noise during vehicle startup or you encounter strange banging during idle as well as difficulty in starting up during winter, then those are signs that the distributor in your Ford Country has become inconsistent. You can try to scrub your distributor cap initially and see if these symptoms disappear after cleaning; once they still appear, replacement is the most effective answer.

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