A lot of automobiles on the road nowadays still utilize distributor ignition which operates via chained and timed delivery of sparks to fire the engine cylinders. The Ford Club distributor is able to do just that, thanks to its two primary parts - the rotor and the cap - which aid each other to supply the voltage required to start your engine.

A defective distributor can be solved immediately because not like some other components, it always demonstrates signs and symptoms that are associated with ignition making them easily discernable. Among the indicators that the distributor of your Ford Club is already damaged are problems in activating your vehicle specifically during colder days, inexplicable banging which can vary from mild rumbling to noticeable shaking, as well as squealing sound which is normally high-pitched. Before ordering a brand new unit, its smart to try to recover your distributor's function by cleaning it thoroughly; however, if it doesn't work, you have no choice but to order a fresh one.

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