Your vehicle is made up of auto parts and systems joined together by electrical connections which serve as passageway for the electrical current needed to give life to the vehicle. The car's ignition system is responsible for the flowing of electrical power. It is made up of auto parts working together to deliver the current in time to the various mechanisms and systems in need of such supply.

There are two general types of ignition system, the electronic ignition and distributorless ignition. The first type requires the use of six important components which include the distributor, distributor cap, rotor, ignition module and pickup coil. The components are responsible for providing the spark to ignite the air and fuel mixture which serves as the car's life fluid. Timing in producing the spark is of vital importance to ensure that the car will function properly. The other type has the same function but its components are different which include three major parts; distributorless ignition module, distributorless ignition crankshaft angle sensor and distributorless ignition coil. These components are also used for the other type but the distributor, cap and rotor are only utilized for the electronic ignition type.

The distributor is one of the indispensable components of the electronic ignition system which line up the high voltage electrical supply in the proper order for the spark plug to perform its duty. Its cap is made up of a rotor or rotating arm which serve as the funnel that spark up the terminals connected to the spark plug wires. The rotor arm components are is placed close to the output contact which is in turn connected to the spark plug of the cylinder for easier transfer of the high voltage energy. Distributors are equipped with centrifugal advance unit made up of a group of hinged weights connected to the distributor shaft. Its position and features are designed for easier rotation of the spark timing to produce higher engine rpm. Paired with the centrifugal advance unit is the vacuum advance unit to further speed up the timing process.

The distributor system must be constantly checked for defects that can hinder its efficient performance. Defective components must be replaced at once since defect in its performance can affect the over all condition of the car. Ford distributor from Parts Train are proven high quality and durable and are available at very low prices. Check out our Ford distributors whenever you need a replacement for your car. Your Ford's ignition system will definitely get a new