In order for your Eagle vehicle to run, it needs a good ignition system. This ignition system is directly responsible for starting up your vehicle. To be specific, your ignition system is a part of your internal combustion engine and it is the most important part of your overall engine system because it provides for the timely burning of your fuel mixture within your engine. Your Eagle ignition system is composing of several vital parts such as spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, high voltage coil lead, distributor body, distributor cam, ignition signal sensor, ignition module, ignition coil, and spark plugs. Though all of them are also vital to the system, however, one that takes the important job is your distributor or the distributor body itself.

Your Eagle distributor is the heart of your ignition system which contains a rotating cam running off the engine's drive, a set of breaker points, a condenser, a rotor and a distributor cap. It is mechanically driven by your engine which is responsible for electrically firing your spark plugs at a predetermined point of your piston stroke. Your Eagle distributor rotates by means of a gear on your camshaft and triggers your ignition. Your coil then fires, sending its power back to your distributor through your coil wire. Next, your distributor literally distributes the spark from your coil to the appropriate spark plug wire, according to the engine's firing order.

Same with the other components on your vehicle, your Eagle distributor is also subjected to wear. Whenever your ignition system's distributor wears out, it can truly affect your entire ignition system workings. It can even result for your vehicle to have a hard start or perhaps it won't start at all. Having a faulty distributor on your vehicle ignition system is not good because you will have a hard time on starting up your vehicle.

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