A lot of automobiles on the road nowadays still use distributor ignition which performs via timed and sequenced distribution of sparks to fire the engine cylinders. The Dodge W350 distributor is able to do just that, many thanks to its two primary components - the cap and the rotor - which operates hand in hand to deliver the current necessary to activate the engine.

One of the advantages of this kind of ignition is, you could easily evaluate if your distributor starts to malfunction because the signs it gives out are related to the vehicle's ignition. One of the signs that the distributor of your Dodge W350 has already gone bad are difficulty in starting the automobile particularly during cold weather, unexplained wiggling that may vary from slight vibrations to apparent trembling, and squealing sound which is usually high-pitched. Before ordering a replacement, its smart to try to bring back your distributor's performance by cleaning it thoroughly; nevertheless, whether or not this does not work, you have no choice but to purchase another one.

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