Even though it is now substituted by new ignition mechanism, you will find lots of vehicles nowadays that employ a distributor that fires cylinders through timed delivery of sparks. The Dodge Stratus distributor won't be efficient at achieving that if its components including the rotor and the cap aren't in tiptop shape since they are actually the ones that work well to carry current from your coil into the proper cylinder.

A bad distributor can be remedied immediately because compared to other parts, it always demonstrates signs and symptoms that pinpoint the ignition and the distributor so they are easily identifiable. One of the indicators that the specific distributor of your Dodge Stratus is defective are difficulty in activating your vehicle specifically in cold weather, unusual shaking which can vary from slight vibrations to evident shaking, and also squealing noise that's typically high-pitched. You can attempt to clean up your distributor cap initially and observe if these signals vanish after cleaning; when they still surface, then replacement is the most effective solution.

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