Even though it is actually replaced by modern ignition, you will find a lot of vehicles today that use a distributor which fires the cylinders via timed transmission of sparks. Your Dodge Dart distributor is able to do just that, thanks to the two main parts - the cap and the rotor - which help each other to supply the voltage required to start the engine.

Among the advantages of this type of ignition is, you can easily determine if the distributor begins to breakdown since the signals it sends you are linked to the ignition. Among the indicators that the distributor in your Dodge Dart is defective are difficulty in starting the automobile particularly during winter, unusual wiggling which could range from moderate vibration to noticeable trembling, and squealing noise that's normally high-pitched. Before ordering a brand new unit, it's good to attempt to bring back the distributor's performance by completely cleaning it; however, if it does not work, you have no option but to order another one.

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