Though it is now replaced by modern ignition mechanism, there are still a lot of vehicles nowadays that use a distributor which fires your cylinders through on time distribution of sparks. The Dodge Dakota distributor can carry that out, many thanks to the two main parts - the cap and the rotor - which functions hand in hand to deliver the voltage necessary to start the engine.

One of the strengths of such sort of ignition is, you can easily determine if the distributor is starting to breakdown because the signals it gives out are linked to your ride's ignition. One of the signs that the distributor of your Dodge Dakota is already damaged are difficulties in starting the vehicle particularly during winter, inexplicable shaking which could vary from moderate vibrations to noticeable trembling, and also squealing sound that is normally high-pitched. You can try to clean up your distributor cap first and see if these signals disappear after cleaning; once they continue to appear, replacement will be the very best remedy.

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