Even though it is now replaced by modern ignition mechanism, you may still find lots of vehicles today that employ the distributor which fires your cylinders via timed delivery of sparks. Your Dodge Caravan distributor won't be competent at realizing that if its components such as the distributor cap and the rotor are not in great shape since they are actually the ones that work well to carry electricity from your coil to the appropriate cylinder.

A defective distributor can be remedied at once because unlike other components, it always shows warning signs that are associated with ignition so they are easily recognizable. One of the signs that the specific distributor in your Dodge Caravan is already damaged are difficulty in starting the vehicle particularly in colder days, unexplained banging which can range from moderate rumbling to noticeable trembling, and squealing noise which is typically high-pitched. You can try to clean the distributor cap first and observe if such signs disappear after cleaning; when they still appear, replacement will be the most effective answer.

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