The distributor is a device that belongs to the ignition system of an internal combustion engine. It generally consists of a rotating arm housed inside the device called the distributor cap. The distributor is also home to the device called the cam inside the distributor shaft. Its other parts include the centrifugal advance unit, the vacuum advance unit and the breaker points.
The role of the distributor in the overall process of the ignition system is crucial. This is because it is one of the several equipment responsible for creating what is called the spark. The other equipment responsible for making the spark include the spark plug and the coil. Among the three, it is the distributor which proves very useful as it handles several very important jobs.
The distributor is the one that distributes the high voltage from the coil to the correct cylinder. The device also does the job of breaking the current to the coil. These two functions are vital to the fact that it is the role of the distributor to ensure that all is well and in synch as far as processes in the ignition system is concerned. This it does by way of the breaker points that it houses, the purpose of which is to control the timing of the spark.
A genuine-quality distributor, unlike the average distributor, is not likely to succumb to mere damages. Distributors that carry the Dodge name is particularly stable and secure, very far removed from other distributors that take only a short while to break down and give way. The Dodge distributor is assured to be dependable and long lasting. It is bound to give the ignition system of the vehicle it is connected to an astonishing and incomparable performance.
The Dodge distributor is available in the market for those who are in dire need of distributors that they could depend on as far as the performance of their vehicles is concerned. The advantage this device has over other distributors is the fact that it is manufactured to be specifically utilized by Dodge vehicles. The importance of the Dodge distributor to Dodge vehicles should not be taken for granted. This is because this device is the one responsible for the proper functioning of the ignition system that Dodge vehicles need to be able to operate.
The use of a good distributor is recommended to every vehicle owner, and looking for one is not too hard a chore. What just needs to be remembered is that when it comes to Dodge vehicles, only the Dodge distributor can be depended on to actually deliver.