Though it is now superceded by new ignition system, you can still find a lot of vehicles today that employ the distributor which fires your cylinders by means of timed transmission of sparks. Your Daihatsu Charade distributor won't be capable of doing that if its parts such as the rotor and the cap aren't in great shape since they are actually the units which work so hard to carry high voltage from your coil towards the appropriate cylinder.

Among the advantages of such sort of ignition is, you could easily determine if your distributor begins to malfunction because the indicators it sends you are linked to your ride's ignition. If you begin hearing high-pitched squealing noise on engine startup or you feel uncommon banging when in idle as well as issue in running on cold mornings, then those are clues that the distributor in your Daihatsu Charade gets erratic. You can try to scrub the distributor cap initially and notice if these signals go away right after; once they still appear, then replacement will be the best answer.

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