Most vehicles on the highway these days still use a distributor which performs through chained and timed delivery of sparks in order to fire the engine cylinders. Your Chrysler Pt Cruiser distributor will not be competent at realizing that if its parts including the cap and rotor are not in great shape because they are actually the units which work well to carry high voltage from the coil into the right cylinder.

Among the benefits of such type of ignition is, you could easily determine if the distributor begins to breakdown since the signs it gives you are linked to the vehicle's ignition. If you begin hearing squealing sound throughout startups or you feel strange trembling when in idle and also problem in running on cold mornings, then those are hints that the distributor in your Chrysler Pt Cruiser has become irregular. Before purchasing a brand new unit, it's good to attempt to bring back your distributor's function by cleaning it up thoroughly; nonetheless, if it does not work, you don't have a choice but to purchase a fresh one.

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