Most vehicles on the road these days still employ distributor ignition which works through sequenced and scheduled supply of sparks in order to fire the cylinders. Your Chrysler Daytona distributor won't be competent at doing that if its parts like the distributor cap and the rotor aren't in tiptop shape since they are actually the ones that perform so hard to bring current from the coil into the right cylinder.

A bad distributor could be remedied immediately because compared to other parts, it usually displays symptoms that pinpoint your distributor or ignition so they are easily identifiable. One of the signs that the specific distributor in your Chrysler Daytona is already damaged are difficulties in starting the vehicle particularly in cold weather, unexplained banging which can vary from moderate rumbling to evident shaking, and also squealing sound that is typically high-pitched. You can attempt to scrub the distributor cap first and notice if such signs disappear after that; when they continue to appear, replacement will be the best remedy.

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