Although it currently is superceded by new ignition system, there are still many automobiles today that employ a distributor which fires your cylinders through on time transmission of sparks. The Chrysler 300 distributor is ready to do that, thanks to its two primary elements - the rotor and the cap - which count on each other to deliver the voltage necessary to start your engine.

One of the strengths of such kind of ignition is, you could easily determine if your distributor starts to malfunction since the signs it gives you are related to the vehicle's ignition. Among the symptoms that the distributor of your Chrysler 300 is already damaged are problems in starting the automobile especially during colder days, inexplicable wiggling which could range from moderate vibrations to apparent trembling, and also squealing sound which is normally high-pitched. You can seek to scrub your distributor cap initially and observe if these symptoms disappear after that; once they continue to show up, replacement would be the most effective remedy.

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