Power. Speed. Performance. These are what most of the car buying and owning public looks for in a car engine. Most of them look forward to having a controlled drive that is smooth and quiet but fast and efficient. It is for these needs that the Chevrolet Trailblazer has been conceptualized by a leader in mid size SUV productions, the Chevrolet. With its V6, 200 horsepower engine that can be controlled through a four speed transmission lets you have your way and style of driving. You and your whole family will surely enjoy those nice long trips without worrying about too much fuel wastage.

But of course, you could not probably take advantage of those amazing specifications if the one responsible for starting up the engine — the ignition system does not perfectly perform its duty. The internal combustion engine can move your vehicle from one place to another the moment the compression and combustion processes begin to take place. Because of its convoluted task, it contains subsystems, each one performing a unique and individualized function that when combined with the rest of the subsystems, could accomplish its complicated task. One subsystem is the ignition system. As its name suggests the ignition system lights up the fuel at the precise instance to give space for the expansion of these gases.

Pretty simple, isn't it? But the heavier task of the ignition system is that it must be able to fire or ignite at the accurate time to avoid power failure and gas wastage. By firing at the right time, the emissions of the car coming out through the exhaust would also maintain a certain amount. The Chevrolet Trailblazer distributor is located and is a great part of the ignition system. Every one of these Chevrolet-made distributors is designed to distribute the high amount of voltage coming from the right cylinder to the coil in the exact firing sequence. A rotor, a cam, centrifugal and vacuum advance units and a capacitor comprise the distributor. These all work together to facilitate the distribution of electric current to the right engine components.

Although Chevrolet Trailblazer distributors are made to last, its heavy task that must be always flawless wears it out after some time. It is just about right to keep your distributor in excellent working condition so that accidents caused by defective ignition system may never happen. Changing your distributor once in a while would do you no harm, especially if you acquire it from a licensed auto body part dealer. Get it only from Parts Train, a leader in the aftermarket industry.