Most vehicles on the road nowadays still employ distributor ignition which works via timed and sequenced supply of sparks to fire the cylinders. The Chevrolet S10 distributor won't be efficient at achieving that if its components like the cap and rotor aren't in perfect form since they are the ones that perform well to bring electricity from your coil towards the right cylinder.

Among the strengths of such kind of ignition is, it's easy to evaluate if your distributor is starting to fail as the signals it sends you are related to the ignition. Among the symptoms that the distributor of your Chevrolet S10 is defective are difficulties in activating the vehicle specifically during winter, unusual shaking that may range from mild rumbling to evident trembling, as well as squealing sound that is usually high-pitched. You can attempt to scrub your distributor cap initially and notice if such signs disappear right after; once they continue to show up, then replacement is the most effective solution.

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