Even though it is actually superceded by new ignition mechanism, you will find a lot of vehicles nowadays that use the distributor which fires your cylinders through scheduled transmission of sparks. The Chevrolet K3500 distributor is ready to carry that out, many thanks to its two primary parts - the rotor and the cap - which functions hand in hand to provide the voltage required to start your engine.

Among the benefits of such type of ignition is, you can easily determine if the distributor starts to malfunction as the signs it gives out are related to the ignition. Once you start noticing squealing noise throughout engine startup or you feel strange shaking during idle and also issue in starting up on cold mornings, those are clues that the distributor in your Chevrolet K3500 gets erratic. Before getting a brand new unit, its smart to try to recover your distributor's function by completely cleaning it; however, whether or not this doesn't work, you don't have a choice but to purchase a fresh one.

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