A lot of automobiles on the road nowadays still utilize a distributor which performs through sequenced and scheduled supply of sparks in order to fire the cylinders. Your Chevrolet Bel Air distributor is able to do that, many thanks to its key elements - the cap and the rotor - which aid each other to deliver the current required to activate the engine.

One of the benefits of such kind of ignition is, you can easily determine if your distributor starts to breakdown as the signals it gives you are related to the ignition. Among the symptoms that the distributor in your Chevrolet Bel Air is defective are difficulties in starting the vehicle particularly on colder days, unusual shaking which can vary from mild rumbling to evident shaking, and squealing sound that's typically high-pitched. Before purchasing a brand new unit, it pays to try to restore your distributor's function by cleaning it thoroughly; nonetheless, whether or not this doesn't work, you have no option but to purchase a fresh one.

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