The mechanisms and systems comprising your Chevrolet is linked to each other by electrical connections which serve as the passageway for the necessary electrical supply. The ignition system is responsible for the transport of the electrical current to the designated locations. Chevrolet distributor is one of the parts making up the ignition system of your car. The distributor cap is responsible for the rotating movement of the funnel that ignites the terminal linked to the spark plug wires. The high voltage electrical energy is transported with ease through the rotor arm components. Together with the distributor is the rotor which serve as the passageway of the spark coming from the main terminals which must be distributed to other terminals as well as down into the spark plug wires.

Technologically advanced distribution system has added centrifugal advance units composed of a set of hinged weights joined to the distributor shaft. Rotation and other needed movements can be done with ease through its special design and style. The timing process is vitally needed in producing spark for the efficient performance of the car. Thus for much better timing process, a vacuum advance unit is usually used together with the centrifugal advance unit.

Most cars are equipped with either of the two general types of ignition system, the distributorless ignition system and the electronic ignition type. As the name implies, the distributorless ignition system does not make use of the distributor, rotor and cap. It is made up of three major parts which include the distributor less ignition coil, distributorless ignition module and distributorless ignition crankshaft. The other one, the electronic ignition type makes use of the distributor for easier facility of the electrical supply. Other indispensable auto parts comprising such type are ignition module and pickup coil together with the distributor, rotor and cap. These parts work together to generate the spark needed for fuel and air combustion.

However engine designers nowadays opt to remove the distributor and the coil. The function expected of them is then done by a basic electrical circuit. This type is called Direct Ignition or coil-on-plug in which the supply is distributed through the individual coils on top of every spark plug thus there is no need to produce extreme voltage which can cause dangers especially if there are moisture formation. High voltages of electricity can cause fire that can lead to injuries and worst, death.