Many vehicles on the streets nowadays still utilize distributor ignition which performs by means of chained and timed supply of sparks to fire the cylinders. Your Cadillac Escalade distributor is able to do that, many thanks to its key components - the cap and the rotor - which functions hand in hand to provide the voltage needed to start the engine.

Among the advantages of such type of ignition is, you can easily see whether the distributor begins to malfunction since the indicators it gives you are linked to the ignition. If you begin noticing high-pitched squealing noise throughout startups or you experience strange banging if in idle and also issue in running on cold mornings, those are signs that the distributor of your Cadillac Escalade is now irregular. Before getting a brand new unit, it's good to try to bring back your distributor's functionality by cleaning it thoroughly; nonetheless, whether or not this does not work, you don't have a choice but to order a fresh one.

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